Veneer Furniture – A Cost Effective Way to Perk Up the Look of Your Bedroom

Any form of furniture which is coated with a thin slice of wood is termed as Veneer furniture. The thin exterior coating, known as Veneer may comprise of real wood, a laminate or a product which gives a marble-like impression. Furniture built with inexpensive material can be given a superior look using a Veneer.

Over the years Veneer furniture has been a preferred choice over solid wood furniture. Though solid wood furniture have advantages like durability and easy repairing of stains or dents, they even have weak points like getting expanded or contracted when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Not only does veneer furniture overcome these demerits but also has advantages of its own including the following:

Elegant: Cutting a log into veneer saves a lot of money than cutting them into solid wooden boards. Moreover the designs produced due to some special cuts get totally hidden in solid wood furniture whereas veneer furniture takes the advantage of these cuts to make the furniture more attractive and pleasing to the eye. The wood in a deformedly grown tree gets wasted as it cannot be used in manufacturing solid wood furniture. But the same wood when utilized to construct a veneer can result in an incredibly interesting design.

Environment-friendly: For the construction of solid wood furniture the log is cut using a saw which not only creates thick sheets of wood but also wastes a fraction of wood in the form of sawdust whereas veneer is not cut using a saw but sliced using a knife. Thus if 1 inch thick board of saw timber is cut using a saw ¼ inch is wasted as sawdust. Veneer sheets are typically 1/32 inch thick. Thus 32 slices of veneer can be sliced using 1 inch thick wooden board. Additionally 8 sheets of veneer can be cut in ¼ inch wood that is wasted as sawdust. Thus 1 solid wood board is equivalent to 40 slices of veneer sheets thus making them environment-friendly.

Numerous Design possibilities: As the veneer is thin it can be bent to produce a number of designs. Moreover being thin, it can be cut into small pieces to produce complex and detailed designs. This is not possible in case of solid wood furniture.

Immune to seasonal changes: As the veneer is glued to the substrate, it not only provides a sturdy support but also prevents the substrate from expanding or shrinking when it is exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Inexpensive: As discussed earlier, veneer sheets save a lot of wood and hence a lot of money. Moreover, the substrate which is to be used in the furniture need not be high quality wood. Thus attractive looking furniture can be manufactured using inexpensive lumber. Many people avoid veneer furniture because of this reason and think that they lack durability. But nowadays higher quality veneer furniture is manufactured which not only looks superior but even lasts for a longer period.

All these advantages highlight a common aspect of veneer furniture i.e. low-budget. So if you are planning to decorate your master bedroom and at the same time keeping a check on you budget, veneer furniture is undoubtedly the best choice.